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Nicola Welbourn
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Choosing A Home

Once you have decided you are going to buy a property and have found out how much you can afford, it's important to consider what really matters to you in your new home. 

Location, Location, Location

Find out about the area you are intending to move to. Remember, you can adapt the house once you’re in, but you can’t pick it up and move it into a different area. Consider yourself living in the neighbourhood:

  • Will you feel safe and secure in the area? Is there a high crime rate?
  • Do the facilities meet your requirements? Think about schools, shops, sports and leisure facilities, public transport, restaurants, and bars.
  • How easy is the commute to work?
  • How much will the Council Tax be?

Your Perfect Home

Houses come in all shapes and sizes, but some are more suited to the way you live than others.  Open plan living spaces are great for entertaining, but if you need a quiet space which is easy to heat, they’re probably not for you.  Traditional Victorian and Georgian buildings can offer beautiful spaces full of character but they are going to need more maintenance than a new build.  Consider if this home is for life or just a stepping stone; it may be cheaper to extend than move again, is there space to build an extension on the side or in the attic? Convenient parking is also very important. Parking on the street may seem fine, but when it’s raining, and you’re trying to unload the week’s shopping you might just change your mind!

Last Updated: Wednesday 24th July 2019