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What Are Local Authority Searches?

This is a search of the local authority’ records including planning and building control records, local development plans, roads and highways and other items under local authority control that may impact your property in some way.

This information is usually required by Mortgage lenders but is at the expense of the buyer. If you are a cash buyer this search is optional, but we believe it is always in the interests of the purchaser to check this information. As this search is considered standard it is included in the fee that you will pay to Dale & Co. If you do not want this search to be done please inform your solicitor as soon as you appoint them.

It is worth noting that the local authority search only focuses on the specific property being purchased. It does not reveal planning applications relating to other properties or land around your property. For this information a ‘Planning Search’ would be needed.

Last Updated: Thursday 24th October 2019